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Register your date of birth and email address and check the site each day to see if you can claim the pot of money.

The date of birth is randomly picked from registered users, so your odds are great.

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Make sure your profile is complete, tell us how you'd like to get paid.

The pot is split between all winners that claim before the next draw.

You can't claim a pot if you register after the draw has been made.

Referral draw happens on the last day of the month.

Register your vote for the next chosen charity.

Only registered dates of birth are selected for the daily free draw.

Enter the referral jackpot by sharing your unique link, for every sign-up you get another entry into that months draw.

Draw updates and other news

With over 5,000 active users now, a big thank you to all who visit on a regular basis. It may seem like a large number, but the odds of you winning are still great and it doesn't cost a thing!

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Referral Draw - Rules update

Starting from 01/02/2016 you have to have a display name and specify your payment method before the referrals will count.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! A few changes are under way for 2016 but lets start with the rollover referral draw winner....

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Curious to see if you've missed a previous draw of your birth date or maybe a friends? Check below to see if you or they could have already been a winner.

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